Thursday, July 22, 2010

ANZMI Update

A few years ago I had a run in with ANZMI on another blog I had. Well I see I am still there in black and white.....

So maybe I should repost some stuff I said about them a few years ago - it's good for a laugh.

Well I’ve tried to be kind to ANZMI. I mean, I’ve been silent for a few months even though they said things about me that were not very nice and as well, they failed to follow their own procedures when I tried to get my mates photos removed from their website.

ANZMI have assumed that such a request from me was evidence that I supported what my mates did. Well how about that? Apart from the fact that my mates have not broken any laws, only rules that ANZMI make up themselves, the reason I support my mates is simply that. They are my mates and ANZMI have treated them unfairly.

Here is a quote from them:
Simply put Cav, tell your mates to get them off and keep them off their left breast and they will come off the site.

I have advised ANZMI on a couple of occasions that my mates no longer wear commemorative medals – but alas, the pictures are still there!

And get this – the pictures were taken in 2004 and they use the Minister’s letter of 2007 to rubbish them.

Rubbish is right.

ANZMI make up the rules and then they fail to follow them.

But enough of going over old ground, I see now that they are experts in pension matters.

Another quote from ANZMI website:
There are some that are saying that by ANZMI exposing these frauds that it is slowing down the compensation and rehabilitation claims for genuine veterans. This is complete rubbish. The DVA are as aware as we are of the frauds out there. The time frame between Vietnam and now and checking of the claims of all veterans need to be verified before payments are made or what you are about to read can and does happen.

If you are a veteran who has a claim in and it is taking a long time to process then you could be caught up in this exhaustive check that the department has to do. We suggest that you gather all of the information possible and support it with stat decs from others who were there at the time of the incident , war diaries and incident reports, facts from historical books etc before having your advocate lodge your claim. The more information you can supply the quicker it is for the department to verify your claim. DONT BLAME THE DEPARTMENT FOR BEING SLOW

Hmmmm…. Are they saying that you must prove your case now? That this will make it easier for DVA to verify your claim.

Wait a minute, does it say this in the Veterans Entitlement Act?

According to the act, a veteran who has war service only has to make a reasonable hypothesis that his injury/disease is war related. HE DOES NOT HAVE TO PROVE THIS!

In fact DVA has the higher standard of proof to refuse the claim. DVA cannot refuse a claim unless it is satisfied, beyond reasonable doubt, that there is no sufficient ground for making that determination.

I’ll say it again for those ANZMI boys reading this from there various ‘cells’ across the country.

The war veteran has to put forward a reasonable hypothesis. He does not have to ‘prove’ his claim.

DVA can only reject the claim if it is satisfies the ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ test.

That’s the law.

It is a pity that ANZMI does not use its energies into supporting veterans according to the law, rather than accepting what DVA demands beyond what is required under the act. But since when has ANZMI worried about the law!

My message to ANZMI is quite simple:
Rather than advising war veterans to jump through hoops to get their claims up on DVA, ANZMI should be attacking DVA for not following the law, specifically Sec 120 of the Veterans Entitlement Act.

There is no justification for the backlog of claims.

These war veterans put their lives on the line for their country. The politicians recognised this, that’s why a war veteran does not have to prove his case – he merely has to raise a reasonable hypothesis.

Get it right ANZMI or butt out.


  1. Bit of a storm in a teacup - Cav. I have no time for wannabees, but these people obviously have too much time on their hands. I hope they're getting good legal advice - some of what they've published about individuals could be actionable.

  2. It was amazing at the time, 1735099 - my blog was being attacked by really objectionable language.

    I got a phone call from a detective in Brisbane who was investigating some of ANZMI's antics, yet nothing seemed to come of it except some Police warnings.

    A couple of years later one of their members, Curt Ainsworth, (not a real name) conceded that my blog did cause them a lot of damage.

    This all started when my platoon attended a memorial service in Brisbane for one of our mates who was killed in Vietnam. I organised medals for his sister to wear and march with us at the Long Tan Day march in Brisbane. She was attacked by a medal counter who demanded to know why she was wearing those medals. It was an appalling situation - this is what ANZMI has created. It was shameful.

    They denied it was an ANZMI member, however it is they who encouraged this sort of behaviour at our commemorative events.

    Shame ANZMI, Shame.

    In addition they hounded us to the end of the march where they took photos of our platoon and then posted photos of two guys on their website. One was wearing a commemorative Nasho medal. They other was wearing a front line soldier medal.

    These medals have long since been removed from their medal racks,yet ANZMI still have their photos on their site, and still castigate me.

    Last year they were all at another website, AVM - Australian Veteran Matters - it was a military forum about military matters for military people. I was kicked off when they found at it was me. Maybe I should have used a different name than Cav. They jealously guard their anonymity. This website seems to be set up to target one Vietnam Veteran, Don Tate, who has written a book about his experiences in Vietnam. They believe his book is a fraud and they attack him over it and apparently Tate gives as good as he gets and has been able to take them on. They do it all anonymously of course, the bloody cowards.

    I am over these guys and can have a bit of a laugh at their expense. Life is too short.

  3. Cav
    Your last post is great entertainment.
    I've heard of Don Tate - mostly in reference to the D & E platoon.
    I think there are some in the Veteran community who believe that everyone must react in some kind of conventionally accepted way about their experience, and are intolerant of anyone who doesn't. This even extends to holding particular political views.
    It's nonsense of course - we're all different. What a bloody boring show it would be if we weren't.

  4. Cav & 1735099,
    In reading your last posts, I have found insitful; But, they have raised some serious concerns and I think it is time the truth came out about these "ANZMI" Wannabees - I will speak of a case they have depicted on their own website. The case of the "Rambo Ambo", After the first picture the whole article is incorrect. If anyone was to take note and check the following - Gordon Dunn doesn't have a tattoo on his right arm like the second picture shows, actually he wasn't even in that photo, that persons name is J#^% B)**%^ - Also, stated on this website is that Gordon Dunn did his training at 2 Field Hospital at ennoggerra, when in actual fact 2 Field Hospital didn't start taking students until 1997, Gordon had completed his training with the rest of us in 1996 at the 1st Military Hospital, yerongapilly, Brisbane. The persons that have named him on that website - well why not ask Gordon Dunn about the people who put him on their and what their motiffs are, The best part is the website say that the information that they have on their website is gained from public records - 30 years after the person discharged - Gordon Dunn was still serving as a Active reservist - the knuckleheads even admitt it. I am sure you will be as I am sickened to the core to even to the point of being embarrassed to call myself an Australian after what has happened to him. I ask all - do we do this as Australians or do we fight for those who suffered, I know Gordon as a trainee together and - I know he would never let a mate down and he is one of the most patriotic S )( of a B )*(&^ there is, and we let this happen. But these words are only mine and that of a few who really know him, but it shows we should be the 53rd state of America given the way we have acted.

  5. Well, I have just found the ANZMI website and I think they do a wonderful job. I am a veteran, having served as a a regular Army infantry officer. I never saw active service, and I would never dream of wearing a medal to which I was not entitled. I fully understand the wrath, the anger, the indignation which men (and women) feel towards imposters, liars and cheats.
    I cannot understand how you can condone people wearing tin alongside official medals.
    The rules are there and this is one occasion when they are NOT made to be broken.

    1. I am sorry for not sighting your post - as a Naive Officer and obviously institutionalised by the system. I will afford you this one piece of information. ANZMI were summoned to appear in Court - That is RIGHT even Our Mr Bill Hobson but chose not too. Now ask yourself this question - if ANZMI are so righteous "WHY DID THEY NOT APPEAR IN COURT" but opted to make themselves a fugitive of the Law. I can tell you I meet Gordon Dunn on a Brig ex - when we couldn't get our medic's he came and found that one of our lads was seriously injure. Gordon Dunn did everything and went to task on the Officers for taking one of our own out field the day after he had a knee reconstruction. The Company Commander and the C.O. tried to stop Gordon - it didn't work - Gordon went over their heads and won - and took a 7 day ROP for it. Is that a man who thinks of himself - I think not. This is but many times that Gordon Threw himself out to protect soldiers - he was even banned in defending soldiers because he got them of charges - he was a soldiers soldier and not one of us stood and asked the truth of what happened. If you get a chance like the rest One Angry Grunt Here.

  6. Veterans are not entitled to wear medals to which they are not entitled. I agree.

    But there is no law or rule pertaining to commemorative medals. WWI and WWII veterans wore commemorative medals, yet no body said anything. Now ANZMI denigrate Vietnam veterans who wear commemorative medals. They are so fixated with medal counting, even to the point of accosting the sister of one of my mates killed in Vietnam demanding to know why she was wearing 'those medals.'

    So much for ANZMI and the 'wonderful job' they are doing.

    I put my name to my opinions anonymous, I would respect you if you put your name to yours.

  7. It's not just so called "tin" medals that ANZMI are targeting.
    I've been posted for wearing my fully entitled State and NGO awards on the left. I had my relative's WWI trio on the right at Gallipoli this year, and next thing, there is a bullshit story on ANZMI !!!
    I 've not been accused of anything else, just State medals that even ANZMI agree I an entitled to ( but inly on the right).
    I've since had them re-mounted, but ANZMI refuse to reply to my messages saying I have done what they want.