Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lock Nuts for Mag Wheels

Throw the bloody things away, now.

People have lock nuts fitted to their vehicle so their nice new, shiny, expensive wheels won't get stolen.  You only need one per wheel, and you get a key that will only fit your lock; otherwise anyone with the key could pinch your wheels.

As with anything in life, things go OK until you strike problems.  What happens if you loose the key?  Well in a word 'tough'.  If you have a flat tyre you can't change the wheel without calling for help.

So lock nuts can be a real inconvenience at the wrong time.

I know this because the key for the XR6 wheels was worn out.  The outer part has a series of notches in a particular pattern that fits the nut that goes on the wheel.  The differing pattern of notches means they can make these things unique to your car.

I managed to get one wheel off using the key but when I used it on the second wheel it did nothing.

In two words I was 'up shit creek'.  Sorry, that was three words.

So here's how to remove wheels where you don't have the key to fit the lock nut......

First, buy a good quality socket that is just a bit smaller than the nut.  What you have to do is bash it on the nut, so if you buy a cheap one it will probably get damaged and you may have to buy more.

A sidchrome socket cost me $13.

The key is on the left and you can the lugs have worn down.  That's my $13 socket on the right.

Now, bash the socket onto the lock nut, hard.

Then rotate the socket anticlockwise with your handle from the socket set.

I have one of those electric rattle guns which works off the cigarette lighter, but the motor must be running to provide the power.

Simply remove the nut.

The problem now is that the socket and lock nut are firmly attached.  You'll need a vice to get it out.  I don't have one so I went to John's place.

John is also a Vietnam Veteran and he served in the same unit that I did - 2RAR - except he was on the first tour while I was on the second tour.

He and his son Brad were the models I worked with to show you how to do all this stuff.

With the socket secured by the vice, simply bash out the nut.

We repeated this for the other wheels.

When I say we, John and Brad did the work while I gave directions, told jokes and took pictures.


Some guys from Tri Service Forum who will remain nameless have intimated that it was moi who done did the scraping on the wheels you see in this blog.

This is not so.  The wheels were like that when I bought the car.  I needed to get the damaged rims off so I could replace them with some other ones you can see here...

I will probably fix the damaged ones up, paint them white and put them on my ute.

The ute has 16 inch rims as it is used as a tow car for the caravan, so I think white 18 inch rims would look schmick when I'm not towing.

Sheesh, why am I explaining myself to some ugly dumb Navy guys!!!!

Well here is the ute with the wheels painted white and just to nshow that it is not a show pony, it's ready to take some green waste to the tip.

BTW I have now sold this ute and have bought a 2007 Ford Fairmont Ghia

As you can see I updated the rims and I still have a spare set which came with the car


  1. "elegant"? It's still a Ford - putting on fresh wheels is like polishing a turd. Or a Furd. Or is it a Tord?

  2. CAV I see your not the sharpest tool in the shed.

  3. Hey, I resemble that remark!

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  5. We get more problems from the Kangawallafoxes here in Australia, Sangee. They can damage ya tyres real bad if ya not careful.

  6. Cav says he doesn't have a vice,...

    Lies and more lies, owning Fords is certainly a vice, and a very dubious one at that.


  7. Hey Spike, long time no see....

  8. Well Cav if you werent so bloody lazy and used a wheel brace instead of the rattle gun you wouldnt have stuffed your lock nuts you bloody clown


  9. You're a bad man Mick,as well as a mungrel.

  10. You only just worked that out Cav ????

  11. BTW Mick this blog is nearly 12 months old, get with the times.

  12. never said I was the fastest reader there Cav ,love what you have written in your book mate

  13. My book Mick?

    Some people think I'm stupid. The book will tell the truth and leave the reader in no doubt that I am indeed stupid.

    I look at it this way. God has blessed me with good looks, I am really handsome everyone tells me this, so being stupid is God's way of balancing things out.

  14. The worst is breaking a lock nut key .. that is a disaster

  15. Disaster averted by following the steps in this blog guys.