Saturday, February 19, 2011

Vietnam Veterans Reunion March 2012 in South Vietnam?


I can confirm its authentic.  The organisers have been working for several years trying to get it up and running and its finally got support from the RSL and DFAT.  The Embassy has just sent a formal request to the Vietnamese government seeking approval.  Hopefully once received, further information will flow. 



Daniel Kindness
Warrant Officer Class Two (WO2)
Defence Section
Australian Embassy  Hanoi

Tel: (+84 4) 3774 0259
Fax: (+84 4) 3831 7735
Mobile 0903 465 529  (+84903465529)

WARNING ORDER .... SIGNIFICANT EVENT....  Pass on to your contacts! 
FYI but, note that I have no idea about the authenticity of this information so we need to keep the powder dry and wild hopes in check until better info comes to hand Despite Ian's upbeat message there may be considerable Vietnamese political hurdles to overcome before such an event becomes reality. 
A couple of nights ago there was a informal gathering in Vung Tau. Present were the outgoing, and incoming Military Attaches (amongst others). In the course of the evening a matter was raised that I feel deserves the widest distribution at the earliest convenience. 
The subject .... A Vietnam Veterans Reunion to take place in South Vietnam during March 2012. Those attending would be representative of services participating in the conflict. Namely Army, Navy and Air Force of Australia (and probably New Zealand ) as well as ARVN, VC and NVA. It is envisioned that it will probably encompass both Saigon (sorry HCMC) and Vung Tau. 
This would be a considerably Significant Event for any Vietnam Veterans and should be worthy of our fullest attention. Especially considering that there aren't as many of us as there used to be. I think that most of us would agree that the idea/concept should given as much support/consideration/encouragement as possible. 
Towards that end I would encourage everyone to indicate their interest/support of the idea and contact: 
Daniel Kindness 
Warrant Officer Class Two (WO2) 
Defence Section 
Australian Embassy  Hanoi 

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  1. On my trips to Vietnam I've found the Vietnamese authorities to be very tolerant of commemorative activity by Australian Vets. Having said that, I'd be surprised if they'd support something like this. Could you imagine, for example, an officially sanctioned march of Japanese veterans of Kokoda (if there were any still capable of marching) in Australia?
    Still, anything is possible, and if it was authorised I'd probably participate.