Tuesday, September 20, 2011

62......and I'm still vertical!

Yesterday was my birthday and I was overwhelmed with the number of birthday wishes on Facebook.

Paula and I decided to head to Sydney and ride the ferry to Manly.

Wollongong is seen as a dirty industrial city to many people who have probably never visited the place.  But what a great location we have here.  We live in a modest weatherboard cottage.  About 300 metres away (to the west) is Lake Illawarra where we have a great walk all along the lake.  It is usually deserted.

Just 20 minutes walk in the other direction (east) is Windang Beach.  It is also usually deserted.

I regularly post pictures from these walks with the dogs.  We are very fortunate to live in this area, the suburb is called Primbee if you would like to Google it.  We live opposite Port Kembla Golf Course.

It costs $2.50 to go to Manly and back by train and ferry (pensioner rate).  The train ride takes about 1 hour 45 minutes along some spectacular coastal views.

We had morning tea at QVB and I finally worked out how the damn clock works.

We strolled down to the Quay for the ferry ride to Manly.  It was beautiful on the harbour.  Is there a better place anywhere?

There were a few people about in Manly.  We didn't linger too long at the beach itself as we have plenty of better beaches right here in the Illawarra, Port Kembla Beach is probably the best; and it is a couple of kilometres along Windang Beach.

We had a nice lunch here.  That's Paula in the hat.

On the ferry trip back I managed to get a picture a of a BOAT for my navy mates, as well as the obligatory picture of the bridge.

 What a very pleasant way to spend one's 62 years on this fabulous planet.  I wouldn't want to live on any other planet.

PS.  I see there is no name on the boat.  I wonder how those dumb ugly Navy guys know which one to use?


  1. I'll bite Cav,
    It's a warship but it looks like it's made of cardboard. They don't make em like they did in the old days arrhhhhhhh : )
    ps I have no idea what all that profile gobbledegook under here is but it's me Mac from the forum.

  2. Sure does not look like she is made of steel and she is a SHIP not a boat where is the twin mounted 4.5" fwd gun, the Ikara on the stb side and the radar airels (you don't have spell check on this). Where are the scuttles along the side that you used to open and stick a bit of metal through it to get air inside the ship when the Air Conditioning broke down. Don't make um like thye used to.

  3. You are just sooooo jealous Cav that you weren't smart enough to serve in the SENIOR SERVICE!!
    Just suck it up brother!!
    Now pay attention!! Face ya front and I'll learn ya sumpin!!
    Paula doesn't need a name tag for you to know who she is, hence WARSHIPS dont need names on them either. When you are in love you can tell them all apart!!
    Did ya spew on the ferry???
    Betcha did!!

  4. Happy Birfday, Boofhead.
    Looks like you had a lovely day!

  5. http://www.navy.gov.au/HMAS_Melbourne
    … because of the 'number'.


  6. Happy birthday Cav, glad you had what seems a nice day. Good to appreciate what we have here. All the best for your sixtytooth. Cheers, K.R.

  7. I spent some time in Woollongong, when I worked for Aust Iron and Steel over 35 years ago. I used to stay at Coniston Hotel... I always liked the area...When ever my wife and I would visit Sydney,in later years, we always took a train ride down there... A lovely day out
    Glad you had a nice birthday trip up tp Sydney, there is always so much to do and see

  8. Queen Victoria Building. You know nuthin', 1735099!

    Copy and paste:


  9. Well I’ll be buggered; my wife and I had refreshments in the same spot at Manly just last July. Though it looked like more people about then.

    Belated b/d greetings by the way, nice photographs of the most beautiful harbor I have seen.

    And I agree with your assessment of the Gong and surrounding area, especially the beaches.

    To Kev: The Cono was my favorite watering hole when I lived in the Gong 1968 to 1978, but boy has it changed now.

  10. Happy birthday!

    Now, how does that bloody clock work?

  11. Well, well, well. We started our journey from Coniston railway station which is the closet station to Primbee. Across the road is the pub that Kev and Brian talk about - I'll have to drop in and check it out.

    Now, as to the clock. The angle is not quite right but the time/date is marked by a gold coloured rod which just cuts the 'O' in Monday.

  12. Oh, and another thing. The guy that served us lunch is dressed in black standing next to our table and checking out the street, which was pretty deserted.

    The girl that took our order was Canadian.

    Cue music.... la, la, la, la.....

  13. I guess you would have trouble with a clock that dos't have ' mickey's hands on it Cav.
    Don't worry about the name not being on the SHIP Cav.....I notice that none of those RAAF chapies have made any comment ....Thats because they don't want us to mention about them painting a red,white and blue target on their aircraft.
    Glad you had a birthday that was so pleasant .