Saturday, September 10, 2011

Cherry Tree Walk Bowral

Bowral is a 40 minute drive from Primbee.  It is up on the highlands and I took Paula up there today.

It was sunny at home although a little cool for this time of the year.

The drive was pleasant enough once Macquarie Pass was dispensed with and we took a shortcut across to Bowral via Kangaloon Rd and Sheepwash Rd.  This is a magnificent drive on a deserted narrow country road which winds through the ever changing Highlands scenery.

After a nice lunch at Bowral we strolled from the main street up to the Cherry Tree Walk.  I have been meaning to come here for some time.  I corresponded with a local Vietnam Veteran some time ago about coming up and having a look, but our meeting never took place.  But being spring, I thought it was an ideal time to 'have a look'.

Well the weather was bloody bleak, just like the middle of winter!  Paula and I walked the entire length of the Cherry Tree walk, about 2 kilometres I guess; then we had to walk back to the car.

I was a little disappointed that the trees were not in bloom.  It seems they bloom late in the highlands.

Still it was a pleasant day, in spite of the weather and we will return in a few weeks time when the trees are in full bloom.

It should be nice.


  1. What! no falcons ripping up the greenery, shame shame.

  2. The Ford wuz still downtown Brian