Monday, May 21, 2012

I told you 3 platoon blokes is ugly

It seems every man and his dog is writing books these days.

Just released is a book written by a guy in 3 platoon - I often mention 3 platoon, rather unkindly of course, in my musings, but a quick squiz and I bought the kindle version.

His book is here

Now you're not going to believe this but another guy from 3 platoon has a book published as well.  This one is a novel based on a sister/brother relationship where the brother serves in Vietnam as an infantry soldier while the sister is part of the anti war movement back home.  Should make for interesting reading. His book is titled The Call.

And wouldn't you know it, through the magic of the internet, and from my mate Leon in Adelaide - here is a picture of both guys together in Vietnam 1971......

Ryschka and Sloman ugly 3 platoon blokes

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