Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Afghanistan Update

My son is serving with 8/9 RAR MTF 4 (Mentoring Task Force Four) in Afghanistan and they have just been relieved of their duties so I guess I can post these images now.

I tried to post them some time ago but there was a security problem with them at the time.  Chris is the one with the giant moustache - he has since shaved it off, thankfully.

He turns 30 on the day they leave Afghanistan, so that's something he'll remember.  I just spoke to him via satellite phone and I mentioned that I turned 21 in Vietnam.  Both these birthdays are milestones in your life.

He is thinking about joining the Reserves and he may be serving in one of my old units as I spent over 20 years in  the Reserves. I had a great time so I will be encouraging him to do that as he will be able to pass on his skills; and I'll be able to call him a fucken choco!

He also mentioned that he got a couple of gift boxes from people who read this blog, one bloke in particular, Nigel, who will remain nameless, also wrote him a nice letter.  So thank you Nigel and the others who sent stuff to Chris.

Well I'm all excited now and I'll have to make sure I finish that book I'm writing ready for the first rewrite after he has a look at it. http://veteransmissout.blogspot.com.au/



  1. Hey, I know who sent the box.

    Thanks, Cav!

  2. Good to see. Does this generation of diggers have repatriation benefits on discharge?

  3. Did he try out for a Village People cover band with that moustache?

  4. I think they get some education assistance 1735099, I'm not sure.

    As for you BOAB, he'll be home next month - I may send him around to kick your bike to bits!!!