Saturday, June 2, 2012

I've passed the test - I'm officially an old fart!

Yesterday I met Paula after work for a coffee and a bite to eat at Shellharbour Square  Stocklands Shellharbour .

The square has undergone a massive redevelopment that is still ongoing.  The hardest part is finding access to all the new parking areas.  Lack of parking was a big problem before the redevelopment.  I managed to park on the rooftop for quick access to the new area.  Paula parked at another rooftop area further along that is even easier to access from the nearby street.

When we left it was dark, and you know what they say about oldies driving cars in the dark.  Well I are one now - an oldie who has problems driving in the dark apparently.  When I got to the ute I noticed another up ramp and I wondered if it would take me to the area where Paula was parked.  Indeed I was right for as I ambled along I even saw Paula's car on my way to the exit.

I didn't know where it would exit and there are some intersections around the square where it prohibits you turning left or right sometimes.  As I drove down the ramp it took a few moments for me to get my bearings.  I realised that I needed to turn right to access Lakes Entrance Road which was just down the hill.

I exited OK and I slowly drove towards the traffic lights.  Then I was confused.  It looked like I was on the wrong side of the road.  I WUZ ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE BLOODY ROAD!  Cars were turning left into the lane beside me as I started to reverse back up the road.  No one hit me but I could read their thoughts, "Who's this bloody idiot?"

I managed to turn into a bus bay but it wasn't wide enough for me to complete the turn so I had to wait for the traffic which had banked up a little to let me reverse out and complete my three point turn.

Finally I was heading in the same direction as the traffic.  Up ahead my lane merged.  As I put my blinker on and went to merge I got a blast on the horn from the guy behind me.  I knew what he was thinking.....

I've passed the test.

I'm an old fart.


  1. Hey Cav, were you at MacDonald's in Roma last Thursday? I pulled in the drive-through for a coffee and was waiting in the queue. The bloke in front of me, and the bloke in front of him started reversing, so I had to back up as well.
    Turned out that an old fart in a campavan had driven the wrong way into the drive-through lane and people were trying to un-bung the resulting chaos. He was last seen hightailing it out of the car park making scraping noises on account of the pile of empty cartons caught up under the front of his van. He had to drive through them to escape.

  2. At least you did't drive out through the shopping centre!