Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Response to ‘The Slouch of Vietnam’


Some mongrel wrote a poem he called ‘The Slouch of Vietnam’
He pissed upon our Diggers, called each a murdering man
who liked to “hunt down peasant kids who fight for rights and rice”
And called the deaths of those who fell “a suckers sacrifice”

He, and his mates, collected dough to send to Ho Chi Minh
They passed around the commie hat, the comrades all chipped in
And Uncle Ho said, this is great, we’ll make some more grenades
To kill some more Australians, and put them in their graves!

He joined the moratorium with Cairns that fucking turd
And got up on his soapbox to spread his poisonous word
Those murdering baby killers, they must be made to pay!
So comrades all, put in the boot! With Comrade Jenny all the way!

Teachers, unions, waterside, and postal workers true
Found ways to scorn the Diggers, and cut their mail off too
And punishment is due, to Soldiers coming home!
The people’s blood is deepest red, let’s throw a bit around!

They insulted fallen Diggers and their families deep in grief
Parading their mock coffins, like a cold and callous thief
of decency, and dignity,.... displaying traitor’s stain
Giving comfort to the enemy and causing untold pain

And the soldiers they just took it all, and kept it deep inside
For they knew they’d served with honour and they still felt Anzac pride
These fools could not take that away, no matter what they said
And the Diggers made a solemn oath to not forget their dead

When the North took over Saigon, brutality ensued
Re-education gulags, human rights eschewed
But the lefties in Australia ignored their plight and pain
And never even bothered with Vietnam again

So to those pathetic protestors, a message from the past
You can take your moratorium and shove it up your arse
You’re nothing more than nothing; you’re shallow and a sham........
And old soldiers.... they still wear with pride.... the slouch hat of Vietnam.

Peter Scott April 2012


  1. Great stuff! These's a few people I'd love to send that poem to. Cheers, K.R.

  2. This is great Cav loved it, I get upset and angry when I think about how some of our brave soliders were treated it was a disgrace