Friday, June 29, 2012

Some veterans get in a lather don't they?

From: xxxxxx OAM
Date: 26/06/2012 5:04:29 AM
To: Subject: illegal wearing of Honours

Hello ,

Queensland’s Sunday Mail newspaper published an image of, recently elected, Premier Campbell Newman on Sunday last.  In the photograph, Premier Newman was shown wearing a naval officer’s uniform displaying 5 rows of medal ribbons; some that I identified included an Honour in the Order of the British Empire, an Honour in the Order of the Bath, an MID Oak Leaf etc. etc.

Premier Newman spent a short time in the Australian Army as a junior officer, as I understand it, the only medal he has been awarded is the Australian Defence Medal (issued for three years service in the ADF).  If Premier Newman had knowledge of this image being published, he has, at worst committed a criminal offence, at best, shown poor judgment and perhaps insult to the navy and ADF in general.

If he was unaware of the publication, one hopes he has complained to News Ltd regarding the publishing of the image.  In either case, the newspaper concerned has shown a lack of respect for all who served and who are entitled to wear devises they have been awarded for their service.


xxxxxx OAM JP

This is the image...

Maybe he should have had a Bex and a good lie down before hitting the internet with allegations of criminal offences, poor judgement and his insult to Navy guy.  

Check out where the original image came from....

The King's Speech

I guess he is feeling like a dickhead at the moment.

It reads..

Dear Editor:
The Sunday Mail publish an image of premier Campbell newman wearing a naval uniform displaying various medal ribbons, Order of the british Empire, Order of the Bath, Mention in Dispatches (Bravery) such an image can lead to criminal charges; it is a criminal offence to wear honours or awards to which you are not personally entitled, Mr Newman has not been awarded these honours.