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Kings Park Perth Double Booked Vietnam Veterans Day

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Tuesday, 17 July 2012 2:44 PM
To: Jock O'Neill
Subject: Booking conflict VV Day - Kings Park Perth

I'm a bit lost for words Ted the Vietnam veterans of Perth transport that pavilion/memorial tile by tile, brick by brick from Karakatta to Kings Park . We fund raised for its rebuilding. We have had the Perth Long Tan Day commemorated there every year since. The situation leaves me dumbfounded.

One for our State Politicians and the Media. Can not the Muslims find another grassy spot inKings Park on this day that we commemorate our fallen mates and in doing so respect the traditions of ANZAC..............

Jock O'Neill, Perth
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From: Ted McEvoy
To: O'Neill
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Subject: Booking conflict VV Day - Kings Park

Greetings Jock,


18th August has become the annual commemoration of "Vietnam Veterans' Day" in which we remember those who gave their lives for our country.

The service in 
Perth is held at the Vietnam Veterans' Pavilion in Kings Park - see  http://www.bgpa.wa.gov.au/bookings/hire-venues-and-facilities/vietnam-pavilion

Coincidentally, the Muslim Ramadan for 2012 will start on Friday, the 20th of July and will continue for 30 days until Saturday, the 18th of August.

Clearly, there is a problem..!!

Please read below commentss from the President of the VVAA Perth, Richard Williams (Ex RAEME man).

To all,

I made a tentative booking for the Vietnam Memorial Pavilion in April.

Been in touch with Kings Park, to get the booking form and confirm booking.

The Kings Park Board have a slight dilemma, someone in their system has taken a booking from the Muslim Community, wanting to use the pavilion area/parkland, for morning prayers. Reason, depending on the moon and the start of ramadam, be it on the 18th or 19th, they [the muslims] want to use that area as a place of worship at this time [sunrise].

Kings Park, are aware and have been reminded today, that Vietnam Veterans have precedent on the Memorial Pavilion and surrounds, on the 25th April and 18th August.

This is a problem we have inherited, with the KPB, building the western Power/Synergy playground in the same precinct as our memorial.

The real problem for KPB, is that an estimated up to 8000 people could attend this sunrise prayer time, this creates a crowd/traffic control nightmare, depending on how soon this group vacate the vicinity. We require that immediate area to be clear by 9.00am, both for setting up for the Service and to have adequate parking, including VIP, space adjacent to the Memorial. Also having a possible large number of the public remaining in surrounding parkland area, will impede on the Veterans forming up and being able to march to the Memorial, at 10.50am.

Without seeming anti-muslim, I consider it a possible desecration of our memorial, allowing any ethnic/religious group to use the Pavilion and immediate surrounds for this activity. Would the Kings Park Board and the RSL, allow this to take place at the State War Memorial precinct.

I would like your comments/feedback on this ASAP.

Terry, I would like some support from the trustees on this, as we are all aware, the “use” of the Memorial Pavilion, by public groups, has been a contentious point, with Veterans for many years, more so since the WP/Synergy park was built.

I am considering drafting a letter to the Chairman of the Kings Park Board, on this matter.


Richard Williams.

Ted McEvoy
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From: Marcelle Broderick [mailto:Marcelle.Broderick@bgpa.wa.gov.au]
Sent: Wednesday, July 18, 2012 10:11 AM
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Cc: Records; 'president@vvaawa.org.au'
Subject: FW: Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority: Vietnam Veterans Memorial booking

Dear Mr O'Neill

Thank you for your email of 17 July 2012 to the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority (BGPA).  I am pleased to have the opportunity to clear up a couple of misunderstandings that seem to have arisen.

Firstly, the Vietnam Veteran's Association booking has been made for the Vietnam Memorial Pavilion in Synergy Parkland for 18 August and this has been accepted and confirmed.  The BGPA understands, recognises and respects the high level of importance of the Vietnam Memorial Pavilion to the Vietnam Veterans and the wider community and so carefully manages all bookings and enquiries for this very special place and its surrounding parkland facilities with great sensitivity.

Secondly, the BGPA has proactively advised each event organiserof the other event so there are no surprises on the day, and so that adequate plans can
be made to accommodate both.   Specifically, the BGPA Bookings Office has
advised Richard Williams, State President of another large event that potentially may occur in a separate area of Kings Park, ie Saw Avenue Family Area, some 700 meters or so away from the Vietnam Memorial Pavilion.  This Saw Avenue event is not yet confirmed, and may not take place that day. If it does, then there could be some additional congestion of  vehicles on May Drive for part of the morning, and potentially some additional visitors having picnics in Synergy Parkland and elsewhere in Kings Park after the Saw Avenue event concludes.

Thirdly, although the Saw Avenue event is not yet confirmed, in the event that both functions do coincide on 18th August, the BGPA will seek to do everything possible to ensure that both functions can occur smoothly.  This includes the following actions:

*        BGPA has confirmed the Vietnam Memorial Pavilion for the Vietnam
Veteran's event.  This is a dedicated space for the special commemorative event planned - and a booking has been accepted for the period 6 am to 4 pm that day.

*        BGPA has undertaken to rope off a large grassed area around the
Pavilion for the Vietnam Veteran's event to ensure adequate space for all attendees in the event the Park is very busy with other visitors that day.

*        BGPA staff will cone off verge parking adjacent to Synergy Parkland
for VIP attendees to the Vietnam Veteran's event

*        BGPA has arranged for extra BGPA staff to be rostered on site on
site to assist the Vietnam Veterna's Association with any logistical issue on the day.

*        Likewise the very experienced BGPA Park Management Officers and the
Bookings Officer have and will remain in close contact with the event organisers and mobile phone numbers provided in case of any unforeseen problems.

*        BGPA has advised each of the event organisers to advise their
guests / attendees on the best way to access their individual functions.
Specifically for the Vietnam Veteran's event the best access to Synergy Parkland on May Drive has been suggested as from Fraser Avenue to Lovekin Drive, or Forrest Drive to May Drive or entering via Poole Avenue to May Drive (ie avoiding Saw Avenue as an access road to the Park that morning)

I trust you will understand the situation that has arisen a little more following the above explanation and clarification and that all efforts reasonably possible have been undertaken by BGPA.  Kings Park welcomes over six million visitors a year and is a very special place for the whole community.  The BGPA strives always to ensure minimal impact between events and that the significant memorial spaces and facilities in Kings Park are accessible, cared for and honoured as they rightfully should be.

Yours sincerely

Marcelle Broderick


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    1. I left Perth in 1976 because of the apathy and scorn towards Vietnam Vets, so apparently nothing has changed.