Sunday, July 1, 2012

Permeate - the new marketing gimmick in milk

I used to drink lots of milk, but now I (well I wuz going to say forced, but Paula reads this blog from time to time) drink semi skim milk with a great creamy taste only 2% fat

It's either that or I die a horrible death.

I wuz brung up on milk which they now call raw milk, it wasn't pasteurised or homogenised, whatever that means.  Heck it wasn't even put into bottles.  My mother would leave a saucepan on the front step each night and early the next morning the milkman would arrive on horse and cart to deliver fresh tasty creamy wholesome unmodified unadulterated milk.

I can't believe it didn't kill me, my brothers; and everyone else in Cootamundra in the 50s.

The best part about raw milk was the way it frothed up for a milkshake which made your cheeks ache when you drew it up through a straw.

I love that ad on TV where the guy goes in to the corner shop and asks for a litre of milk. The old duck behind the counter asks .... "Lite fat, no fat, full cream, high calcium, high protein soy, lite skim omega 3, high calcium with vitamin D, or folate, or extra dollop!"

My favourite bit is where she gets the milk out of the fridge, looks at the young blokes gut and says, "And it's only two percent fat."

Two things to notice here.  The word 'lite' now seems to be an accepted spelling of 'light.' And the second thing is that the social audit now requires us to reduce our fat intake in milk.  That's why I am forced to drink  I drink semi skim milk with a great creamy taste only 2% fat.

I've tried others of course, but in the end if you can't drink the nearly real thing of milk, then the one with the next best taste is what you end up with.

Have you noticed that the milk on special in the supermarkets and petrol stations tastes a bit thin? Well it seems they have been using permeate to bulk it up.  Hang on, bulk is probably not the appropriate word to use.  Permeate is a by product from cheese production.  This is all quite legal of course as milk has so many things added and subtracted to it, what harm can a bit of permeate do?

That doesn't stop the marketing boys.  To fight the permeated 'enriched' cheap milk of the supermarkets the others have resorted to the latest marketing gimmicks

I don't have to tell you that this milk costs more.

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  1. God there is some squeemish namby pamy bullshit permeating our society today!