Friday, July 27, 2012

Welcome Home Parade

I went to Brisbane to see the welcome home parade for MTF (Mentoring Task Force) 4 which was principally made up of 8/9 RAR where my son Chris was a mortarman.

This picture is a panorama from 5 frames - there was a big contingent of soldiers on parade.

The Battalion mascot Stan the Ram, but he has 'Macarthur' on his name tag

I went down to where the media crews were as I couldn't see Chris, not even when they marched past.

These old, fat ugly guys with me are from 2 Platoon A Coy 2RAR whom I served with in Vietnam 41 years ago - they came along to welcome Chris home.

It was a great day.

Chris and I were interviewed by Mark Suleau from Ch 10.  

We were on air for 5 seconds!


  1. Welcome home Chris. You were much better looking with the mo. Without it, you look like your Dad.

  2. I'm glad your son is back mate, and I'm mightily pleased the Task Force came home without any deaths. I served in 8/9 RAR in the late 80's and I still feel like it is home, even though I did most of my 21 years service as a Spanner God. ;)

    Stan is actually named for John MacArthur, the ratbag that originally introduced the Merino sheep breed to Oz.

    Thanks for the pictures, especially the group shot. Thanks to each of you that did your duty on Operational service.

    Duty First.

    Cheers, Geoff

  3. You must be very "proud" of you son Cav, and why not, any father would be.

    The vets are still looking well, with just a few beer bellies.

    Cav what are your thoughts on the idea of a one year term.