Sunday, August 26, 2012

Nuthin' is easy anymore

On the way back from Brisbane with my young bloke who had just returned from Afghanistan, we called in to see my brother at Lake Haven, just north of Gosford on the central coast of NSW.

They had one of those new fangled coffee machine with the pods - just pop the coffee pod in and bob's ya uncle - nice coffee.

I've got to get me one of them.

Did you know they cost over $300; and they are the cheap ones!  Others can cost over $500!

I heard that Aldi has a cheap one, but I managed to get a machine online for $148.


Oh oh, the Nespresso capsules don't fit, they are too big.  I searched around the internet and found the ones that do fit and to my surprise Officeworks sells them.


Last week they were out.

They were bloody outa coffee capsules!

But I managed to get them online, phew.

Now, I can get four different styles, and guess what - they all taste the same to me.  Today I did a taste test with Paula.  Intenso and Cremosa.  She could tell the difference in a double blind test, but they both tasted the same to me.

So my taste buds are shot to bits.

I blame the war.


  1. Cav
    My daughter's a Barista, and she reckons the best brews are from your basic plunger (Bodum - $9.95 @ Coles). When I go bush I always take one, and a bag of good quality grindings. It's the KISS principle.

  2. Cav
    I've got a Nespresso citiz and milk and I love the coffee it makes.
    Mum's got an Aldi one and all the coffee is the same to me. Not enough variety.
    I'm really a tea drinker, but I do like good coffee and have at least one a day (I don't drink instant any more!).

  3. If you can't taste the difference, there's no point in spending money to get fancy.

    I stopped buying any bottle of wine that costs over $20 after I discovered that I can't tell the difference between a $15 bottle and a $600 bottle. Some people can - in this regard, my brother got all the taste buds in the family. But I can pretty much tell that some are red and some are white, and that's about it.