Monday, November 12, 2012

My knee operation

Imagine if this happened to you.

You've had surgery on your knee from a specialist orthopaedic surgeon. You've hobbled around for a couple of days in pain with your swollen knee all bandaged up.

The only reason you can make it to the toilet by yourself is because of the aid of a walking stick. You are utterly helpless.

Your wife has to wait on you hand and foot. She helps you in and out of bed. She helps you dress. She is very attentive and constantly brings you food and cups of tea while you are forced to sit with your feet up in the recliner watching satellite TV in high definition.

Then you make the fatal mistake - you unwrap the bandage; and there is your damaged knee exposed for all to see!

Aha, I have a solution:


See all those daggy bits?


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