Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sydney Motor Show – how long will it last?

It’s binawhile since I went to the motorshow in Sydney, but now that I am a pensioner and get the pensioner concession, as well as free travel on public transport, me and another Vietnam Veteran mate of mine decided to pop up to Sydney and have a geek at the show.

First impressions?  Where wuz everybody?  Where were the guys selling stuff?  Where wuz Audi, BMW and Ferrari?  They hold this event every two years so I expected it to be bigger and better than before.  But it wasn't.

Apart from that it wasn’t too bad though.  I was interested in a few new models coming out, the first one being the new Corolla.  It looks OK, the interior looks OK and it is probably the first Corolla in a long time I have shown any interest in.  Until I sat in it that is.  Getting in was OK, but I wish I could say the same about  getting out of the damn thing.  You see the seat is set so low you have to climb back out of the cabin.  That’s OK for some folk who obviously don’t have arthritis!

Scratch the new Corolla.

I like some of the new VW stuff coming out but the interiors look a bit bland; and there are some problems particularly with the auto transmissions.

On display, but unable to touch were the new Mazda 6 and the New Mondeo.  Side on it is hard to pick which is which as they both look like the big Hyundai.

Over at Holden they had the new Malibu – the large 4 cylinder vehicle from America.  It looks like the Cruze only different, if you know what I mean.

I was very taken by one of them new Chinese cars.  It only had a symbol on the front, I think they are called Cherry, or something like that.  These were big luxury vehicles and I was mightily impressed.  It turns out they were called Infiniti, and cost about $100,000.

Being an old bloke means that the car chicks talk to you.  I could have a got a photo with them but I knocked them back.

I was really impressed with this vehicle, a mid sized SUV due out about March next year.  It has a really great interior which won me over.

Yep, just swing ya foot under the car and the back door opens.


  1. Cav, are you sure you have the right Infinity mate? The ones I know are Nissan, the most interesting one to me is the 370GT convertible as it is the successor to the Skyline, cars that I have had great passion and respect for, and I want a 2 door drop top with plenty of room. The Infinity brand is like Lexus, which for many years was only sold outside of Japan, while the same cars were sold as Toyota in Japan. The 370GT has the same engine as the 370Z (which is also the basis of the GTR 3.8L twin turbo) but is the pinnacle of Nissan luxury sports cars (the GTR being the Nissan top of range and now a separate model to the Skyline altogether). AS far as Chinese cars go I would look long and hard at forums for reliability, service and most important, safety. The early Hyundais were cheap, but were dreadfully unsafe with many Excels I saw having rolled were collapsed at the A and B pillar, right to the top of the front seats. Very scary but I understand they have addressed safety and have some great looking machines. For more upright seats the Mazdas always seem to be very forgiving for us crippled ex-Grunts. There are also Golfs/VW types and the new Toyota 86, but the seats will likely be low and sporty, my mate with a Toyo dealership has yet to bring his new one around for me to thrash.

    Good luck searching. It's half the fun of a new ride.

  2. You're right about the Infiniti Geoff, at first I only saw the badge on the front that looks like the Chinese one.

    I did like the Infiniti though - until I saw the price!

    I was very surprised about the small crowd, in the old days it was really crowded - so I am wondering if the manufacturers and and retailers will continue to poor lots of money into this event.

  3. I think the auto shows are losing appeal unless there is some massive new product release, and our shows here in Oz aren't on the leading edge so not much chance of a scoop.