Saturday, January 5, 2013

I love shopping

I had a great day yesterday.  We went into town (Wollongong) – me, Paula and grandma (90 year old mother in law).  The girls spotted some handbags on special at David Jones a few days earlier and they wanted to go and check them out.

We had a cuppa and a light snack and strolled down to DJs.

After looking at 1,000 handbags, picking them up, opening them, closing them, and posing with them beside their bodies, they managed to select one each; and the sun had not even set yet!

At the counter I enquired: “Is grandma  entitled to a discount because she is 90?”

“These bags are already marked down, sir.”

“Yeah, but that lifetime warranty, if grandma was 30 she’d get more use out of the bag than if she was 90.”

They then tried to ignore me.

Trying to divert the attention away from me, Paula said, “We were in here a few days ago and saw the handbags so we thought we’d come in today.”

Not to be outdone I said, “Yeah I wanted to see some better looking shop assistants.”

The shop assistant smiled.

I continued, “Yeah I am very disappointed.”

Then I got the look from the shop assistant, and the other shop assistant who had just been informed about what I said; oh and I also got the look from Paula.

The girls are going back into town on Tuesday.  I’ll be mowing the lawn.

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