Friday, February 1, 2013

A nice afternoon

While there were floods to the north and bushfires to the south, this is where I was, just admiring the view ...

It was a bit hot though.

Tumut, looking east across the town to the Tumut River (where the poplars are) and the foothills to the east. Canberra is that way, luckily they can't get to us because of the terrain . These pictures were taken late in the afternoon when that evening light is magic.


  1. Looks dry Cav.
    Nice pics, but why are there always power lines across the best views?

  2. These pictures are taken from the picture window in the lounge room 173. The wires are part of civilisation we have here in NSW.

    I have an old copy of Photoshop Elements 8 (they are now up to 11) so maybe I could make them disappear but I don't believe in altering images to add or delete stuff that isn't there.

    Tumut is not as dry as Wagga though. When I visited my son in Wagga it looked dry and worn out!

  3. Some nice pics that abide by your rule of 3.

  4. Rule number 3? Or do you mean Rule of Thirds, Big Boy?