Sunday, July 21, 2013

Remember Me at the Australian War Memorial

Paula and I went to the AWM and had a look at the WWI photos of Australians taken at Vignacourt in France. I was really interested to see the guy with a bloody big smirk on his face.

Unfortunately the names were never recorded.

This is the actual trunk that contained the photographic plates

I wonder if they called the dog 'Fifi?'

The three stripes on his right arm refer to the years served and the one on his left arm refer to how many times he was wounded.

Same bloke.  This is a very popular picture.  I think he was the only one who had clean boots

His finger is actually on the trigger.  these can't be Australians, surely.

Paula is standing in front of the actual backdrop that was used in many of the portraits.

Paula is placing a poppy against Henry Waddups, her great uncle who served with the 36Bn.  He was KIA and he is buried in France.

The bloke with the smirk!

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