Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Impersonating a Vietnam veteran - Guilty

An elderly Queenslander who pretended to be a Vietnam veteran on Anzac Day needs psychological treatment, a magistrate says.

John Anthony Hines, 69, was found guilty in the Brisbane Magistrates Court on Wednesday of falsely representing a returned serviceman during an Anzac Day march in Brisbane last year.
The Gold Coast man, who was also found guilty of improperly wearing service decorations, was fined $500 and placed on probation.
The man told police he was part of a "deep cover" clandestine unit in Vietnam, however, records showed he only served in the Citizen Military Forces, the equivalent of the Army Reserve, and there was no record of him receiving medals.
In sentencing Hines, Chief Magistrate Brendan Butler said the maximum penalty for the offence had been increased in 2003 to a $3300 fine and/or six months imprisonment.
He said Hines' offence was serious, but his elaborate story and his lack of remorse indicated there were psychological issues that needed treatment.
He placed him on 12-months' probation and a two-year good behaviour bond.
"The sacrifices of those who have served, men and women who have given of their lives ... in the defence of our nation's values is held in the highest respect by the Australian people," Mr Butler said.
"To falsely claim that distinction is of the highest disrespect to those who have served and it strikes at what we hold dear as Australian people.”


  1. Please delete this post as it is upsetting to me. The chap is 69yo and described as 'elderly'. I've got a couple of years to go. And don't use sprightly either.

  2. CJ! Long time no see, although I guess youse is ugly as ever! ;-)