Monday, September 1, 2014

The Ford has new wheels

You won't believe this.

We wuz in QLD for about a month touring around with our little caravan.

We went as far north as Cairns

The weather was good and as we headed for home the rain was following us all the way south and caught up with us at the Gold Coast.

It was in the middle of the night with the rain pounding on the caravan that I needed to heed the call of nature.  Luckily the caravan did not leak.

At about 1am I was sitting at the computer on Ford Forums when I spotted some wheels for sale.  The guy wanted $1,000 the set and the tyres had only done 4,000kms.  The Ghia needed new tyres (it wuz sitting at home) which was probably going to cost about $800.  The guy that had the wheels for sale lived at the Gold Coast - about a 30 minute drive from the caravan park!

How about that?

The deal was done and we had wheels in the back of the ute and in the 'van for the rest of our trip.

The new wheels really suit the 7 year old Ford Fairmont Ghia.....

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  1. Gidday Cav,
    Rumor has it from a source that has worked in the Ford factory for nearly 30 years, that the new Fords being built at the moment have been sabotaged, so don't buy one.
    Cheers, K.R.