Thursday, June 9, 2016

I dug out my old DSLR camera which I haven't used for about a year.

The amount of birds around is what motivated me to get it outa the bottom draw.

Ii is a Canon EOS 40D about 10 years old now, but still plenty of life left in the old girl.

The last time I used it was to see if I can take pictures of the stars. I took a couple of shots, checked them out on the camera's screen, saw that they were hopeless; and packed it away.

This is one of them

As you can see, there is nothing to see 

I loaded it onto the computer where I have Photoshop Elements.  I do recall setting the camera up for the maximum setting - biggest picture and finest detail plus RAW.

The program immediately open PE in RAW mode which hadn't seen before.  It has a number of adjustments that could be made to the image, including an 'auto' button.  I hit that and this is what happened.

Magic eh?

But wait, there's more.

Near the Southern Cross is the Coal Sack nebulae which not many people have seen.  It is visible to the naked eye however not in the cities and towns.

Here is a 3 minutes exposure

You can imagine my delight.  These images are blurred but show the potential by experimenting with camera settings, exposure times and a bit of imagination.

Stay tuned for more stuff as I hone my night picture taking skills.

About 45 years ago I took this picture at Circular Quay.

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