Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Governments in Australia fail to keep its citizens safe.

 Are you like me and sick of the rhetoric coming out of politicians, police and bureaucrats mouths?

People are dying because of government inaction or misdirected action/funds that suit a political agenda rather than attacking the root causes of why citizens are being killed.

First there are the terrorist attacks, or rather the loan wolf attacks by mentally deranged people. Twice now in Melbourne death and injury has been caused by mentally ill people who are known to police. In one instance, police were denied the authority to 'take out' the driver doing donuts at Flinders street. Later he mowed people down. The same thing happened again just a few days ago.
In NSW the siege at Martin Place involved another lone wolf person known to police. A psychiatrist deemed him 'not dangerous.' So police strategy was to wait until he shot someone before they would do anything. In the meantime police focus was ensuring that there was no community backlash to certain religious group that they keep failing to name.

The second is the road toll. It has been sitting around 380 in NSW for a few years now. For the last 20 years, police, in concert with the governments, have been warning us that speed kills. Everytime an accident appeared on TV there was a senior copper telling us to slow down. And we did. Most people now drive at the speed limit with cruise control so that they don't get booked. To counter that, radar equipped HWY cars can be readily seen at spots where those silly speeding motorist crept over the speed limit usually on downhill run because on most cars the cruise control does not apply brakes to keep the car within the speed limit.

I can name two spots on the Hume. One site just north of Goulburn, a patrol car is often parked in the shade of the overpass to catch cars heading south, and it is downhill. The other site is south of Yass also catching southbound traffic, again downhill. The patrol car sits near a cleared parking area set back on a track.

Police would then boast about the number of speeding motorist fined and castigating us and pleading with us to slow down.

Well now the police and government have egg on their faces. It seems that they were wrong. poring time, money and resources in catching speeding motorists meant that the focus was on revenue raising rather than saving lives.

Police need to be patrolling. It is their presence that causes people to abide by the road rules, not speed cameras or hidden police cars.

Then there is the judiciary. How many times must a repeat offender breaking the law be permanently barred from holding a driver's licence or put in the slammer? This is the biggest crime in our community. A crime of government failing to protect its citizens

Those lone wolf blokes should have been in the slammer.

Drivers who habitually break the road rules, like the one on the NSW South Coast, should have been in the slammer.

The inaction and misdirected resources of senior police, magistrates and bureaucrats have resulted in the death of its citizens that public servants have pledged to protect.

Will the promised enquiry look into this?

Will anything change?

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